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The Social Positivists

 the society for the advancement of positive knowledge 

Legal rights are products of a liberal state. Legal rights create social division and social injustice because they are not generated by methodological science. The worlds political and economic systems are based on legal rights and are corrosive of the social order. Anything that produces social  division creates injustice. Injustice offends our human rights. Injustice destroys peace, prosperity and progress. Injustice destroys the church. Demand justice. Fight for the right to have all social policy to be based on reason, not emotion. 

About Us

Social Positivism promotes the principle of subsidiarity as the only scientifically defensible position social reformers can assume. Subsidiarity implies local ownership is more legitimate than global ownership, direct solutions come before indirect, simplicity is valued over complexity, grassroots over hierarchy, human rights over legal rights, the people come before the state and truth takes precedence over lies.

The opposite cannot be defended or made consistent with any rational social model.

Positivists support patriotism over globalism. Boarders are not just non-existent lines they define ownership.

Progressives say boarders are not real because one cannot see a political demarcation. But boarders are not geographical features they are the perimeters of an area of responsibility. One cannot take away boarders without taking away all forms of ownership and responsibility, hence boarders are scientifically legitimate.

Patriots are the owners of a political jurisdiction who have been discriminated against in systematic and extra-judicial ways. 

Patriotism is an exercise in ownership, and a commitment to the land we rely on and inhabit. Our first responsibility is to our home. Our responsibility extends outwards to our community and local political jurisdiction and to our nation and lastly the world.

The Social Positivists abhor and reject the trend that associates patriotism with racism, xenophobia and bigotry. Patriotism is fully consistent with God’s Constitution.

We as citizens have as much right to our lands as we do to our homes and for the same reason and under the same authority. We have a right to what we create and to those things bequeathed to us by God.

Our boarders simply set out that part of God’s Creation we have taken as our own to care for. Since all people are born into a place this is the place they are responsible for and serve as an owner of.


Who We Are:

Social Positivists is a society of positive persons.


What We Do:

Social Positivists promote positive responses to our social problems.


How We Do It:

Social Positivists engage individuals and institutions positively to promote the employment of positive solutions to our social problems.